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This page maps the distribution of ham radio repeaters and beacons in Italy and in the rest of the world. You can download resultsets in CSV format to program RTX memories, using CHIRP. If your RTX model is not listed in the dropdown menu, please contact me. The map is usable from any device, it is compatible with the most used browsers (Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Opera) and it is freely and unlimitedly available. Copy the URL and link it into your website. Help me improve data precision by inserting new repeaters or amending data for the existing ones HERE. For further information, please read the user guide carefully.

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  • The map works if you set at least one filter among "Country", "State/Region", "County", "Type" or "Band".
    On loading, the "State/Region" and "County" filters are empty: "State/Region" will populate dynamically and automatically based on the selected Countries; "County" will populate based on the selected States/Regions.
  • Combine filters as you wish, checking multiple selections in all filters: the more filters you use, the more selective the resultsets are.
  • Repeaters are identified with icons (Markers). Click on a marker on the map to access data.
  • Close markers are clustered and shown as colored circles (marker clusters): the number on the cluster indicates the number of repeaters that have been grouped in. To expand the marker cluster, click on it.
  • NOTICE: markers DO NOT represent the exact geolocalisation of repeaters. Lat and Lng values are purely approximative. IZ8WNH Andrea is not responsible for any improper use of geolocalisation data.
  • WARNING: retrieved data could be up-to-date or repeaters could be temporarily switched off.
  • Updates after 2016-12-29 afford more reliable information on repeaters and beacons.


  • A table shows resultsets as text: it pops up and updates automatically after any search.
  • You can sort data in alphabetical, ascending or descending order, by clicking on arrows next to table headers.
  • You can further filter resultsets by typing some text in the searchbox.
  • Data can be printed out clicking on "PRINT" button as well as saved in PDF format clicking on "PDF" button.


  • You can export recordsets in a CSV file format. With this file you are able to program RTX memories using CHIRP or the software provided with your radio. Select your RTX model from the dropdown menu to automatically download the pre-formatted CSV file.
  • Every CSV file is accompanied by a text file ("Readme.txt") containing information on how to import data in the specific programming software. Where available, it also provides a link to a video on YouTube for a practical demonstration.
  • Always download data consistent with your radio frequencies range. It is useless to download data of 29MHz, 50MHz and ATV repeaters if you have got a VHF-UHF transceiver! The programming software will never digest that CSV file, generating an error. Please, always run very selective queries and for frequencies allowed in your RTX..
  • Whether your RTX is not listed in the dropdown menu, please contact me.


Born in 1979, native from Davoli (a small town in Catanzaro-shire), MS and PhD in Chemistry, I work as a Medicinal Chemistry Researcher in an italian pharmaceutical company in Parma. I travelled a lot for study (Cosenza, Ferrara) and work (Siena, Genova, Oxford, Parma).

The passion for ham radio was born in 1993, when my school-buddy let me know the Citizen Band. I got my first CB station in 1996 and I was on the air until 1999. After more than 10 years of stop, suddenly the fire for short waves relighted in 2010 during a Civil Protection training organised by Pubblica Assistenza of Siena, where ham radio operators were invited to take part. Self-taught, I got licenced in November 2011 (in 2014 I got licenced in UK as well, with callsign M0WNH). Later, friends from ARI Genova asked me for managing the WAIL – Worked All Italian Lighthouses Award, currently being the Award Manager. For the first time in my life I learnt programming in PHP, HTML, MySQL, CSS and JavaScript and built up the brand-new and fully automated WAIL website. From this important experience, I have conceived the first, open-access interactive map on italian and worldwide repeaters.