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Mixing IT skills, ideas and passion to streamline your daily tasks and give you visibility on the Web

Since 2014 TCW has been making original and programmatically flexible applications and websites

TCW is specialised in making highly customised and dynamic webpages as well as in developing scripts to streamline your everyday work. We mainly address to freelances, enterprises, authorities, associations, clubs and private citizens

TCW lets you learn to code using the most modern programming languages. Whether you are a student, an enthusiast or a worker with no idea of coding, we have got the most adequate skills for a customised learning!


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Ente Fiera Gonzaga - ARCO

Work for commission.
Promotion and client recovery for Fiera dell'elettronica e del Radioamatore of Gonzaga, promoted by ARCO.
Development of a ham radio Award, totally automated in management and update. Free entrance to the fair after showing a customised award with callsign, date of issue and award serial number.


Fiera 1000Radio

Italian Amateur Radio Club - City of Parma

Brand-new graphics, automated organisation of contents and creation of a restricted area to access to confidential files. is a highly automated, self-updating and responsive website.

Tags: CMS HTML, PHP, MySQL, Google API

ARI Parma

Giuseppe Verdi Commemoration

A website dedicated to the Great Maestro from Roncole di Busseto (Parma) with the participation of Italian Amateur Radio Club - City of Parma and "Club dei 27" and sponsored by the City of Parma.
The website features:
- wide multimedia contents
- implementation of Google Calendar API for booking and viewing scheduled events.

Tags: CMS HTML, PHP, Google API

Commemorazione Verdi

Linda Guerzoni - Psycologist in Ferrara

Consultancy, training and technical assistance for website development as well as domain acquisition process.
Customisation of contact webpage.

Tags: Consultancy, training, PHP, CMS HTML

Studio Guerzoni

Worldwide Amateur Radio Repeater Map

The need for an easy and fast way to retrieve data and geolocalisation of amateur radio repeaters has delivered
Main features of the project:
- the built of three dynamic and self-populating (plus two static) filters
- data visualisation on OSM© OpenStreetMap and in dynamically-populated table
- data exporting as CSV file is worldwide popular and has got >100.000 views per year

Tags: CMS HTML, Javascript, Jquery, Ajax, PHP, MySQL

Worked All Italian Lighthouses

A game for amateur radio operators has been totally and automatically managed for data input, elaboration and output of results. Main features of WAIL:
- customised mailing list
- self-generated, real time rankings
- self-generating awards
- a practical control panel for the management of all operations by simply clicking on appropriate buttons

Tags: HTML, PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap


Chiesi Farmaceutici

Work for commission.
Intranet interface for automated extraction of document object identifiers (DOIs) and patents (Application Numbers) starting from third-party softwares.
Straight link to editor websites and patent application offices to download expected article and patent files.


Arma dei Carabinieri - Reparto Investigazioni Scientifiche of Parma

Consultancy, development and proof of concept for a remote application able to analyse text files from "Social Media" chats and to identify a set of sensitive keywords.


Chiesi Farmaceutici

Work for commission.
Intranet interface to manage shipments of chemical reagents and API. Features:
- Toggleable multi-form for different types of request
- Form cloning to insert multiple requests in a row
- Generation of a PDF report automatically sent internally via e-mail
- Accomplished tasks logged in database
- Database query via custom control panel


Chiesi Farmaceutici


Consultancy and coding for specific tasks such as:
- recurrent statistical data aggregation
- creation of periodic report

Tags: PHP, MySQL


Mycological Club "G. Passerini" - Parma

Work for commission.
- programmatic and selective extraction of GPS data from digital photographies taken by GPS-endowed cameras
- direct and reverse geocoding by Google Maps
- creation of a user-friendly control panel for the acquisition of GPS data from new files

Tags: HTML, PHP, JavaScript, Google API

Gruppo Micologico Parma

Chiesi Farmaceutici

Work for commission.
Graphical user interface and development of softwares about:
- inventory management
- fast check-in / check-out of chemicals through authentication by staff badge
- print out of labels (complete of pictograms and risk phrases accordingly) for laboratory solutions and chemicals

Tags: CMS HTML, PHP, Oracle, XAMPP

Chiesi Farmaceutici

Liguria Radio Club

Work for commission.
Script about an automated acquisition process of images from webcam

Tags: PHP


Webcam GRL

Italian Amateur Radio Club - City of Genoa

Work for commission.
Creation of a restricted area and a control panel for a smart insertion of news and attachments in new html documents


ARI Genova Protezione Civile



3rd Edition

HTML, PHP and MySQL coding class to create custom scripts and dynamic websites



on a weekly base, two hours long each, to understand the basics of coding and practise it while learning


regardless of age, education or employment

Schools and Individuals

TCW supports the European project CodeWeek

Some examples of our classes and lessons

Introduction First steps in HTML Style and CSS Bootstrap
PHP Building blocks Conditions and loops Arrays String, date and time
HTML Forms Files and folders Databases SQL Commands
HTML, PHP and MySQL Mailing List Restricted area Functions
Classes and objects Practise
Introduction Data structure Objects Normalisation
Query Operators Date and time Join
Subquery Indicisation Performances Users
Security Views System Catalog Practise
Introduction Variables Conditions Loops
Arrays Objects Classes Inheritance
User interface Errors management Threads Files
Web services 2D Graphics Apps Practise
Introduction Scripts Functions DOM
Data Conditions and loops Objects JSON
Events AJAX Libraries JQuery
Multimedia HTML5 Best practices Practise


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MS and PhD in Chemistry, Andrea Nuzzi has worked for >14 years in prestigious, national and international research institutes (University of Ferrara; SienaBiotech; IIT - Italian Institute of Technology; The Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine - University of Oxford; Chiesi Farmaceutici).
Since 2014 Andrea has constantly grown a strong passion for coding just to speed up his everyday working tasks and to "simplify life". Curiosity towards new programming languages, their methods and potentials have been the success of a continuos professional development.
Privileged languages and methods: PHP, MySQL/MariaDB, HTML, Bootstrap, Javascript, AJAX, JQuery, OMS maps, Leaflet library.

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